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Season 1 Episode 3 Christian Intolerance

Pastor Herb, Scott and Jay discuss Christian intolerance

Season 1 Ep 2

Pastor Herb, Scott and Jason Discuss what it means to give your life over to God

Season 3 Ep 14 The Holy Spirit Pt 2

Scott and Jason are back with Part 2 of our discussion on The Holy Spirit

Season 3 Ep 13 The Holy Spirit Pt 1

Scott returns to the studio to discuss The Holy Spirit

Season 3 Ep 12 Learn to be Christ-like

Jason is flying Solo (with some notes from Pastor Herb and Chris Trattles).

Season 3 Ep 11 Living in A Post Christian World with Guest host Tony Vance

Jason and Guest Host Tony Vance Discuss how to live in a Post Christian world

Season 3 Episode 10: My Thought and Prayer with Guest Tony Vance

Jason and Guest Host Tony Vance Discuss what we really mean By "My Thohghts and Prayers are with..."

Season3 Episode 9 Witnessing With Chris Trattles

Jason and Guest Chris Trattles Discuss Witnessing to Unbelievers

Season 3 Episode 8 Mental Health Pt 2 With Chris Stuttard

Jason and Chris Continue their discussion on depression and Mental Health

Mental Health Pt !

Jason and Guest Host Chris discuss a Christians response to Depression

GTJR - Thessalonians Part Two

Part two of our discussion about Thessalonians

GTJR - Thessalonians Part One

Part one of our two part talk about Thessalonians

GTJR S3 E6 - Easter

GTRJ - 2019 WLLP Spock Rock Radio